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Vinot participated in the PLASTEX 2018

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Vinot participated in the PLASTEX 2018
Issue Time:2018-01-27
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Egypt is one of the countries that established diplomatic relations with China earlier. Over the past 60 years, bilateral relations have been developing smoothly, and political mutual trust and multilateral strategic cooperation have been established.

The exhibition entrance of PLASTEX

Same as the world's ancient civilization, and at the same time as the key is still in development stage of the developing countries, as the "The Belt and Road Initiative" construction in full swing with Egypt "the Suez Canal economic belt corridor" the acceleration of development, China and Egypt displayed more in terms of development direction and development strategy, deepening the comprehensive strategic cooperation in the new historic opportunity.

Since 2017, China has become Egypt's largest trading partner and largest source of imports. China and Egypt have entered a new golden period of economic and trade cooperation, with major achievements including china-arab expo and other major economic and trade activities held successfully in both countries.

Show picture

PLASTEX is the leading international trade fair dedicated to the plastic machinery, components, raw materials and chemicals in North and East Africa. The fair presents products and services, technologies and innovations, trends and tendencies for trade markets. It is an international meeting-place for worldwide suppliers and regional manufacturers. The show is co-organized by ACG-ITF and DMG Global Energy and will take place at the New Cairo International Exhibition Centre, the most modern venue in the Middle East during the period from 18 21 January, 2018.

PLASTEX picture

   Zhejiang Vinot machinery technology co., LTD., as an early production of bubble film machine manufacturers, has over 22 years of production experience and 13 years of export experience. It has provided for thousands of PE film production enterprises, from "PE film raw materials to finished products and resource reuse" and "bubble film function efficiency maximization" solution. This exhibition, Vinot carrying the latest products and solutions, staging PLASTEX2018, this exhibition exhibits have air bubble film machine DY series , SLW series stretch film machine, blown film machine SJ series.

Customers at the fair

DY and SLW series, which is Vinot based on the market depend on the core technology, the company's earliest product series, after years of improvement and perfect, have made a number of patents, and "high-tech products" honor.


At the fair, Vinot staff with the most professional technology, excellent service attitude has its own product technologies and solutions and combined with specific national conditions and the application scope extensive exchanges in Egypt, listen carefully and patience to solve many problems at the same time, get the height of the visitors.

        Advanced technology, sustainable development, science and technology innovation is the focus of the current PLASTEX2018. Vinot with PLASTEX influence, shows Egypt customers the latest development in the enterprise brand construction, as well as in PE film extruder solutions in the field of the latest scientific research achievements, in order to promote the brand influence in Egypt and in the land of Egypt in the field of plastic packaging development took a solid step.
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