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Film blowing machine of the advantages

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Film blowing machine of the advantages
Issue Time:2013-05-07

  Film Blowing machine smooth in a certain range of speed, by adjusting the main motor, traction motor speed to produce products of different specifications. Film blowing machine is suitable for the production of various high-end film package. This membrane barrier because of its good preservation, moisture, anti-frost, and oxygen, oil, can be used in light and heavy packaging. Such as various fruits, meat, pickles, fresh milk, liquid beverage, pharmaceutical supplies. Let us look  film blowing machine of the advantages.

Film Blowing machine of the advantages:
  1. Energy content: According to the operation of inverter V / F curve indicated that the inverter is constant torque output, Compared with other speed control system, an average of more than 30% energy saving, energy saving effect at low speed is more significant.
  2. Improve product quality: frequency control and stable performance.
  3. Reduce the impact on power start, starting current can be controlled within the rated current does not constitute a voltage surge.
  4. Reduced when moving mechanical impact Kai, smooth start to extend machinery life.
  5. Meet the variable speed, speed is simple and convenient, Powerful protection.

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