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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival
Issue Time:2012-10-03

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to everyone.  Mid-Autumn Festival is an important festival to all the Chinese.In that day , all the family member will get together , they will have big dinners and go outside to appreciate the moon.In that day , Our company also arrange some activities , all the workers got together and play some games.Now let me introduce some things about the Mid-Autumn Festival.

The legends of the  Mid-Autumn Festival

There are two legends which claim to explain the tradition of eating mooncakes. One Tang Dynasty myth holds that the Earth once had 10 suns circling it. One day all 10 suns appeared at once, scorching the planet with their heat. It was thanks to a skillful archer named Hou Yi that the Earth was saved. He shot down all but one of the suns. As his reward, the Heavenly Queen Mother gave Hou Yi the Elixir of Immortality, but she warned him that he must use it wisely. Hou Yi ignored her advice and, corrupted by fame and fortune, became a tyrannical leader. Chang-Er, his beautiful wife, could no longer stand by and watch him abuse his power so she stole his Elixir and fled to the moon to escape his angry wrath. And thus began the legend of the beautiful woman in the moon, the Moon Fairy. 

The second legend has it that during the Yuan Dynasty, an underground group led by Zhu Yuan Zang was determined to rid the country of Mongolian dominance. The moon cake was created to carry a secret message. When the cake was opened and the message read, an uprising was unleashed which successfully routed the Mongolians. It happened at the time of the full moon, which, some say, explains why mooncakes are eaten at this time.
 The celebration of Mid-Autumn Festival
This day was also considered as a harvest festival since fruits,vegetables and grain had been harvested by this time and food was abundant. Food offerings were placed on an altar set up in the courtyard. Apples,pears,peaches,grapes,pomegranates(石榴),melons,oranges and pomelos(柚子)might be seen. Special foods for the festival included moon cakes,cooked taro(芋头)and water caltrope(菱角),a type of water chestnut resembling black buffalo horns. Some people insisted that cooked taro be included because at the time of creation,taro was the first food discovered at night in the moonlight. Of all these foods,it could not be omitted from the Mid-Autumn Festival.

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