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How to use the tray shrink packaging machine

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How to use the tray shrink packaging machine
Issue Time:2012-04-24

Tray shrink packaging machine design, printing machine plastic sheeting around the object on the rotating tray. The reel frame carriage moves up and down, tightly wrap, and to ensure that top-down object on a rotating tray, sitting in the packed object. Warehouses often use the tray shrink packaging machines, restaurants and business of the overloaded tray packaging products. This also allows customer orders to be shipped to separate their business.
1 Use the forklift pallet placed on the rotating base.

2 Bag making machine is well worth film wrap from the pull-yard reel troika, and use tape to attach importance to the lowest point of the side of the film tray.

3Press the start button on the operation display. Select your packaging solutions. Push the pre-procedural cycle "1". The specific number of turns for a period, press "2". In Option 2, press the "N" number of turns and input the amount of parcels, open the packaging products you want to use. Push the manual "3". In Option 3, press the "Up" button, reel troika, press the "down" button to move the bracket. The manual recommends using to save the waste of film packaging.

4 Press the operator display on the screen "Stop" button to stop the tray shrink packaging machine.

5 Stretch film machine using scissors and Separation Membrane package. The packaging will adhere to itself, creating a seal.


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