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The use of the paper bag making machine

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The use of the paper bag making machine
Issue Time:2012-04-24

Plastic stretch film is used to help the security box, plastic recycle machine the major products in the transportation and warehousing industry, or other

Projects in transport or storage tray. Once the project has been stacked on pallets, plastic stretch film is used as

Binder from around the top-down load. This flexible plastic wrap, polyethylene, can be applied to

Using a simple roller device or machine. Flexibility of the material advantages and application of tensile membrane

Closely as possible to improve the stability of the plastic wrap, and help reduce the cost of materials over time.
Of hand

1A hand applicator equipment to install a roll of plastic stretch film. Pulled out about one to two feet of film

The introduction of a loose rope shape. Place the end of the rolled section through a corner of the tray

Cycle itself, stretch film, so insist on their own, and provides a fixed point package


2 Start by firmly pull the bottom of the device stack in the hand applicator tray packaging, which will lead

The commencement of plastic stretch film. Maintain a constant as you move around the tray, holding the nozzle close to the loadTension. In every corner, stopped a moment in one way or another applicator firmly and stretch film as tightly as possible.

3 packs of the ground the first two to three times of the mobile applicator trays and packing up

Package is completely wrapped in a spiral fashion. paper bag making machine the force applicator at all times maintain a firm pull and check to

Ensure cinema taut.

4Packaging trays upper two to three times. Hold your hand in place of the film, and cut the packaging away from

The rest of the roll on applicator. Tuck a small part of the final packaging layer layer to ensure that

5The swivel stand for the application of stretch film machine placed on a tray. The chimney will be wrapped in a neat material

Fashion, to ensure that the project is close to in order to avoid any change tray transfer.

6 tray application of plastic film, the machine manufacturer's instructions to close the

Machine. Monitoring process as the machine at the same time, stretch film machine packaging it in the movie was to open the tray

Extended to its full potential.

7Turn the machine, once the tray has been completely wrapped with a forklift to remove from the packaging tray


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