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Soft Bag Machine Works

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Soft Bag Machine Works
Issue Time:2010-06-29

From the feeder by feeding powder solid (gel or liquid) to the packaging machine inside the top of the hopper, the introduction of non-woven bag machine speed controlled by the optical positioning system, into the sealed volume of paper (or other packaging materials) by lead led to the introduction of roll packaging machines, bending after being lapped by the vertical is a cylindrical device, non-woven bag machine automatic measurement of material is made after the filling to the bag, seal during cross-sealing device Bag tube while cutting down intermittently traction, and finally form a longitudinal seam on three sides sealing lap flat bag, to complete a sealed bag. The sealing body in the same device, the same vertical direction, the bag forming, measuring, printing date, filling, sealing, cutting, outputting process, the use of packaging material used mainly in a single film of plastic can be heat sealed all kind of composite film (such as paper - plastic composite, plastic - plastic composite, aluminum - plastic composite, etc.). System with LEC-200BM-G05D small optical encoders, displacement measurement, motion control using 8031 MCU, can ensure vertical and horizontal sealing reliable and smooth, wrapping paper, the velocity can be controlled effectively, especially to ensure that India there's trademark color patterns, positioning cutting accuracy.

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