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How to Compare Laminating Machines

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How to Compare Laminating Machines
Issue Time:2011-01-10

Laminating machines are office essentials for keeping paper documents protected. A laminating machine provides a plastic coating around sheets of paper, giving documents a glossy look and feel. The coating keeps the original document safe from water, weather or human damages.
????? Function
When comparing laminating machines determine the primary use. Identifying the function or need will narrow down the options. For example, if laminating machines are needed to laminate small documents, such as index cards, a pouch laminator is a more effective option than a roll laminator, which is used for larger documents.
????? Volume
Compare laminators based on volume capacity. Think about how many documents need to be laminated, or how often the laminating machine will be used. Some laminators have the ability to laminate high volumes of documents at a time, while others must be fed documents individually. For offices that will be doing a lot of laminating, "Beginner Guide to Laminators" suggests purchasing a commercial-grade laminator that can process 20 feet per minute.
????? Cost
The cost of the laminators is important to consider when comparing machines. Laminators that are equipped with more volume, size and speed options are pricier than small-scale laminators, such as pouch laminators, more suitable for home offices or individual use.

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