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How to Change the Film in a Laminating Machine

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How to Change the Film in a Laminating Machine
Issue Time:2010-12-23

Changing the film in a laminating machine is a simple task that anyone can do. Follow these guidelines.


Loading the Machine

Put the new rolls on the spindle pipes. There is probably a directional arrow to follow. If not, follow your machine's manual.

Thread the laminate through the roller bars. The dull side of the laminating material is the glue side. It will need to be facing when the material from both rolls comes together at the heat rollers.

Fold some laminate over the edge of a manila folder. Turn on the machine and advance the laminate-covered folder through the unheated heat roller. As you do this, try to align both laminates. It helps to tape the dull side of the laminate to the folder.

Make sure the laminates and folder pass out beyond the outfeed rollers. Then turn off the drive.

Aligning the Laminating Material

Check that laminate edges are equidistant from the outside edge of the heat rollers. They should also be even with each other. The laminate edges should be even with each other.

Run drive for a couple seconds to see if film edges stay aligned and centered. If not, make very small adjustments to push the non-centered roll on its spindle in the necessary direction. Repeat until laminate runs evenly.

Remove excess film, and then turn off the machine.


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