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Stretch Film Specifications

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Stretch Film Specifications
Issue Time:2010-11-19

Stretch film is polyethylene-based and has a high elongation. Stretch film is used to protect products while they're being stored and shipped. Stretch film also unitizes products, which means that the products are divided into smaller units.
????? Pallet
Stretch film is often used to divide products that are being transported on a pallet. Large loads are broken down into smaller loads, making them easier to transport.
????? Benefits
Stretch film is cost-effective and provides high-quality protection for products. It can protect all different sizes of product loads and holds products taut. Stretch film doesn't adhere to the products and won't damage packaging.
????? Widths
The width of stretch film varies depending on the type of film. Machine film ranges from 10 to 70 inches wide; hand film ranges from 10 to 18 inches wide; and convenience film ranges from 2 to 20 inches wide.


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