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How to Use a Laminating Machine

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How to Use a Laminating Machine
Issue Time:2010-10-18

Laminating machines adhere a permanent film of plastic over posters, papers and signs to make them last longer and keep them from tearing. If you have never used a laminating machine, have no fear. They are relatively easy to operate. Read on to learn how to use a laminating machine.
Turn on the laminating machine. There is an on/off switch usually located at the back of the machine. (Plug the machine into an outlet first.) If the on/off switch is in the on position, but does not appear to be functional, check for a "Standby" button to get the machine out of hibernation.
Wait for a few minutes, depending on the model of your machine. Most laminators require at least 10 minutes to completely warm up. You can tell if a machine is ready by looking at its indicator light. Most machines have a "Ready" light that flashes on and off until the machine is ready to go; at that time, the light stays solid.
Select the speed at which you want the machine to laminate. Most machines have 10 settings; 1 is the slowest and 10 is the fastest. Laminate very thick items, such as poster board, at slower speeds. Laminate thin items, such as notebook paper, at faster speeds.
Place the items you want to laminate on the machine. Slide the items up until they just touch the edge of the plastic film. Make sure items do not overlap or are too wide for the machine. Remember that you cannot undo laminating without damaging the laminated item.
Press the "Run" button. The items should begin to move through the laminating machine. You can press the "Stop" button at any time to add additional items. After you feed all items into the machine, wait until the last item completely comes out the back of the machine. Press the "Stop" button a final time.
Slide the cutting mechanism (located in the back of the machine) across the plastic film. This releases your laminated materials from the roll of plastic film and readies the machine for the next user.

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