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Stretch film machine of related presentations

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Stretch film machine of related presentations
Issue Time:2010-08-13

?? Stretch film machine is a kind of multi-functional machine integrated with slitting and rewinding. It mainly slits large-sized or big roller stretch film into small ones, which avoids the split-level film and improves the technical index of product, such as level and appearance quality ect.It mainly is used to re-wind the PE stretch film and PE cling film. The automatic rewinder can greatly improve the work efficiency.

?? Stretch film machine, mainly for the production of polyethylene plastic film tensile (stretch film, stretch film) and the preservation of film production. By the host, auxiliary and electrical control of three parts. Features: T type die with two throttle design, the thickness of the membrane material is more accurate high- speed, alloy screw with special mixing function and high plasticizing capacity to design, with the import of static mixer, to ensure the good plasticization, uniform color, extrusion volume to increase. Die material imported special tool steel, high-precision processing technology through processing, to ensure long-term use of non-die deformation, the material is more smooth and stable.

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