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Issue Time:2010-07-22

Printing is a printing center equipment, equipment utilization is the highest of all printing one of the devices. To ensure normal operation of the printing press, the daily maintenance and upkeep is essential also very necessary. The daily press printing equipment maintenance is an important task management.

Static maintenance of printing press
The establishment of machine maintenance rules and regulations, strengthen the key components of maintenance, technical reform, strengthening the machinery maintenance

Dynamic maintenance of printing press
The dynamic maintenance of printing presses is in the dynamic state of the machine maintenance. Static maintenance of the machine is the premise of the machine dynamic maintenance, while the dynamic operation of the machine they can turn static testing machine maintenance level. The dynamic maintenance of the machine is very important. The following machines from several aspects of the dynamic to be maintained under the main content. Readiness testing machine, machinery lubrication, the impact of the machine running the process, these aspects is the daily maintenance of printing press parts and maintenance, printer maintenance and maintenance of the quality of the daily high and low, the use of the direct impact printer life expectancy and quality of products and can not be taken lightly.

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