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China Plastic Machine Industry Analysis

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China Plastic Machine Industry Analysis
Issue Time:2010-07-07
Plastics machinery industry in the future global market will grow at a faster rate, and according to the U.S. industrial market research found that the global economy gradually slow recovery from the crisis, let people see the United States and Japan needs to re-plastic signs of recovery, while For China, India and Russia have good prospects of plastic machinery performance, including China, Turkey, the demand for growth in the plastic machinery will be more substantial. The Chinese plastic machinery industry, the situation is what it will.
Countries are also positive for the adjustment of export and domestic demand to ensure economic stability and development, the policy-making for the plastics industry, is very much a good news. Policy factors still is a big factor.
Now we are in the cost of exports of plastic machinery there is a great advantage, but consumers are also stressed that the practicality and cost, which for our plastics machinery industry is also a good expression.
The basis of our plastics machinery industry? is quite good, both internal and external demand are at a normal growth stage, especially in China presses the industry did not change the basic situation, long-term positive trend has not changed the premise of large, industry the overall development, would create a good news.
Presses in the world, including Germany's development is the most remarkable people, in a high-end, a dominant position in the competition, accounting for a global injection molding machine 20% of the total strength, so market penetration is to strengthen and improve cost is indeed a good opportunity. China's press industry at the low end of the field of injection molding machine, the manufacturing level and the developed countries have almost the same, more importantly, by enhancing efficiency, increase value-added, high-end injection molding machine to achieve a breakthrough in the field.


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