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Update Time:2018-06-20

1.As the machine is a large and heavy cargo, it is usually transported by car.

2. The default first choice for automobile freight distribution, and the transportation scope covers all major cities and counties in China.It takes time to arrange the goods, and the delivery time may be 2-3 days late. Please understand.The time of transportation shall be based on the actual time of delivery.

3. Direct special car in the province, high cost, short time, timely delivery.

Customers can also pick up goods at our factory and send cars to pick up goods.Contact customer service for details.

5. The products are delivered after the inspection and qualified packaging. If the products are damaged during transportation, please do not sign for them and inform the seller timely.At the same time, the store will redeliver the goods for free at the first time

6. After the goods are delivered, they shall be inspected and signed by themselves or the authorized person on the spot. If there is any objection to the products, please present it in person.

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