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How to save the power consumption of the blowing machine?

How to save the power consumption of the blowing machine?
Update Time:2018-01-05

Machine blown film machine manufacturing technology will promote the development of plastic industry, for a long time, plastic industry depends on foreign advanced mechanical equipment, the introduction of foreign technology, will improve the plastic industry and machinery for the production cost.

the development of intelligent molding machine model not only improves the performance of blown film machine, can reduce cost, reduced working hours, but also can significantly improve the plastic industry status quo.

Intelligent manufacturing equipment is refers to the mechanical equipment had intelligent systems, with the outside perception, analysis, decision-making and control functions. the application of intelligent mode, make the film blowing machine has the sensor system, the temperature coefficient of perception, automatic operation, can effectively improve the efficiency, and make the film blowing machine has the prevention function.

Blown film machine's production process is the dry polyethylene particles in the hopper, and then the weight of the particles on its own from the hopper into the screw. when the screw and thread oblique edge contact, rotating thread oblique edge vertically push the plastic produce, the particle goes forward. The process of pushing is caused by the friction between the plastic and the screw, the plastic and the cylinder, and the collision between the particles, while the plastic melts because of the external heating of the cylinder. The molten plastic is filtered by the nose to remove the impurities from the mold, which is cooled and blown to expand the finished film into a cylinder.

Electromagnetic heating (IH) technology is a new high frequency heating technology. After the research and development of scientific research personnel, the high frequency heating system of energy-saving and environmental protection is produced, and the heating efficiency is increased to 90% (up to 99.8%). According to the installation and testing of various plastics processing enterprises, energy-saving and environment-friendly high frequency heating system is very obvious to plastic processing enterprises, saving 30% to 70% of electricity. It fully embodies its energy saving advantage and saves a large amount of electricity cost for plastic processing enterprises, improves production efficiency and improves the environment of the workshop, thus directly reducing the indirect production cost.

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