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How do I find and evaluate a stretch wrap film supplier?

How do I find and evaluate a stretch wrap film supplier?
Update Time:2017-12-08

 Questions you may want to ask:

The following is a list of questions you may want to ask a Supplier when you are trying to make a selection.

  1. How much stretch wrap do you sell (in pounds)?
    This will determine the supplier’s capacity to deliver in difficult times. It also allows you to determine what weight he has with his suppliers.

  2. What is the % of the total company sales does stretch wrap account for ?
    Is it a primary product or is it a filler product. You do not want to be just an afterthought of the supplier. You want to be buying from a supplier that stretch wrap is a primary product that is key to their core business. This ensures that you receive up to date market knowledge and new products that may save you money.

  3. How many stretch wrap manufacturers does the company deal with ?
    Having too many manufacturers may mean they move from manufacturer to manufacturer without any consistency. It also can limit the commitment the manufacturer shows the supplier. If the supplier deals with only one manufacturer then this also can imply risk if that manufacturer production is limited for some reason.

  4. What service capabilities does the stretch wrap supplier have?
    Your stretch wrap supplier does not necessarily have to have a service tech right up the road. In fact, in most cases the company that sold you the stretch wrapper is responsible for the servicing. However, if your stretch film supplier has qualified service technicians that are able to troubleshoot issues over the phone, in person, or online using modem then you know that you have a stretch film supplier that is focused on your needs. It is rare that the stretch wrap supplier has quality service capabilities. They are usually basic techs that are not advanced programmers or electrical troubleshooters. If you have access to this advanced type of support then it will pay off in the long run.


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